The 13th Doctor


Personal work – I don’t normally do fan art, but I would like to do a piece in honour of the first woman to play The Doctor. I don’t think Jodie Whittaker’s costume has been made public yet – so I thought a “riding” outfit would be quite suitable.

I found it interesting to imagine, or to figure out, what clothing the new Doctor would wear. Previous actors wore clothing that while being a little eccentric always had a footing in reality. I felt Whittaker’s costume should follow the trend.

The Doctor is a Time Lord, or in this case, a Time Lady. As a lady I felt she should have a slightly aristocratic look. Hence the riding clothes. The clothes, while having a very feminine tone, have a certain masculine feel which I think will be important in this situation. A Doctor realizing he has been regenerated as a woman may welcome certain links to his long, long past as a man, or to be more correct, men.


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