The Swimmer

The Swimmer WP

“There is something peaceful about a lake in a deep valley. There is something very beautiful about watching the highlights created by the evening sun as it calm water and glistens on the wet body of a beautiful girl”.

I have experienced this scene and have always wanted it to be the subject of a painting. There is something magical in the contrast between a sunlit object and a dark green background, be it in a forest or hills surrounding a deep forest or lake.

In this digital painting I wanted to create a sense of peace. I also wanted to give a slight sense of uneasiness. The girl is looking away somewhere, dreaming of getting away. The only time she has freedom is when she is swimming. But always there is someone waiting.


The 13th Doctor


Personal work – I don’t normally do fan art, but I would like to do a piece in honour of the first woman to play The Doctor. I don’t think Jodie Whittaker’s costume has been made public yet – so I thought a “riding” outfit would be quite suitable.

I found it interesting to imagine, or to figure out, what clothing the new Doctor would wear. Previous actors wore clothing that while being a little eccentric always had a footing in reality. I felt Whittaker’s costume should follow the trend.

The Doctor is a Time Lord, or in this case, a Time Lady. As a lady I felt she should have a slightly aristocratic look. Hence the riding clothes. The clothes, while having a very feminine tone, have a certain masculine feel which I think will be important in this situation. A Doctor realizing he has been regenerated as a woman may welcome certain links to his long, long past as a man, or to be more correct, men.